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Femme nue, Femme Noire

Femme nue, femme noire Vêtue de ta couleur qui est vie, de ta forme qui est beauté ! J’ai grandi à ton ombre ; la douceur de tes mains bandait mes yeux Et voilà qu’au coeur de l’Eté et de Midi, je te découvre, Terre promise, du haut d’un haut col calciné Et ta beauté … Continue reading

“Breaking with the stereotype idea of the oppressed women limited to tradition”

This is the goal of Photographer Angele Estoundi Essamba, who hails from Douala, Cameroon. At age 10, she moved to Paris for her education and later went to the Netherlands to study at the Professional School of Photography. Angele’s career started to rise when she had the chance to expose her work in Amsterdam in … Continue reading

Woman of the Month: Khanyi Dhlomo

Khanyi Dhlomo is a respected woman in her native South Africa and one of Africa’s Most Successful Women, according to Forbes. Khanyi started her promising career when she took control of True Love Magazine in 2002. She completely changed the tone of it by incorporating newer features that appealed to  young South African. Her contribution to the magazine … Continue reading