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“Breaking with the stereotype idea of the oppressed women limited to tradition”

© Jose Ramon Bas

This is the goal of Photographer Angele Estoundi Essamba, who hails from Douala, Cameroon.

At age 10, she moved to Paris for her education and later went to the Netherlands to study at the Professional School of Photography.

Angele’s career started to rise when she had the chance to expose her work in Amsterdam in 1985, other exhibitions followed in Africa, Europe, Asia, South and North America. With the focus on African women at heart, Angele Estoundi vows to help break the stereotype of oppressed, helpess women that people seem to strongly believe. In an interview with China Daily, she admitted: I want to break with the stereotype idea of the oppressed, poor women (who are) limited to tradition. I can recognize myself in the women that I picture, modern women.

The Pride, Strength and Awareness of African women

This exhibition is about African women. It is about how African women want to be seen” says Essamba at the opening ceremony of her exhibition, in Beijing.

Art Prints Details by Angele Estoundi Essamba

Eye-dentity by Angele Estoundi Essamba

Voiles et Dévoilements by Angele Estoundi Essamba

Photography is for me a need, the need to express and to communicate.
As long as the need will exist, I will create.

Pictures: Angele Estoundi Essamba’s Gallery, view more.



9 thoughts on ““Breaking with the stereotype idea of the oppressed women limited to tradition”

  1. I like this.

    Posted by aloa | May 11, 2012, 10:28 pm


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